Finding Maxie: Minnesota Family Mourns Loss of Dog’s Remains After Vehicle is Broken Into

The Weber's Grandparents Stayed at the Radisson in Duluth Sunday, That's When The Ashes Were Stolen

DULUTH, Minn. – A Minnesota family is mourning the loss of their pet, and his remains after a senseless crime took place Sunday in Duluth.

Now they’re asking you to be on the lookout so they can move forward and heal.

“He was a chubby dachshund who loved treats,” said Gretchen Weber, Maxie’s owner.

Its memories that keep the legacy of little Maxie alive

“He loved football Sundays,” said Weber. “If there was football on, Max was there.”

Just weeks ago, the Weber family from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, made the difficult decision to send their 14-year-old dachshund, Maxie, over the rainbow bridge.

“He loved to sun, he laid in the sun winter through summer,” said Weber. “We don’t dare say around the house right now, ‘where’s Maxie?’”

That’s because Maxie’s best bud, Charlie, is lost without his four-legged companion.

“We’ve gone through a lot with him. A lot of moves, he had that surgery that dachshunds get when their back goes out,” said Weber.

Now during a time when the Weber’s would like to peacefully mourn their loss, the unthinkable has happened.

“It’s still really hard, but I was like, who would do that? The little paw print that came with when he got cremated was left behind, but they took the ashes,” said Weber.

Maxie was cremated Memorial Day weekend as Gretchen and her family visited their former home in central Wisconsin. Tight on time, she decided to have her parents transport Maxie’s ashes to them during an upcoming visit to Cottage Grove.

“For us, it was just really hard because that was the first family dog that we adopted from the Humane Society in Central Wisconsin,” said Weber.

It was Sunday night, June 13, when Gretchen’s parents decided to make a stop at the Duluth Radisson. Once they woke up in the morning, they realized their window was smashed. Financial documents, a computer, along with Maxie’s ashes were stolen.

“We’re feeling very angry, just violated that someone has something that is so personal to our family,” said Weber.

With little hope left on the horizon, the Weber’s wonder if they’ll ever get the closure they long for.

“It makes me sad that there are people out there that will do that. They could have just taken the other things that were valuable,” said Weber.

As Maxie’s memory continues to live on, the Weber’s hope Minnesota nice comes into play so they’re able to give their precious pooch the proper goodbye he deserves.

“If you do see or find something, we’d love to have Maxie’s ashes back,” said Weber.

Maxie’s ashes were inside a black box with his name on it, in a green bag that said Peaceful Pine’s.

If you know anything or happen to stumble upon his remains, contact Gretchen Weber at 715-571-5513 or email

Gretchen’s parents just had over $1000 charge on their credit card Tuesday.

Their locations were the Holiday gas station in Hermantown, and Best Buy in the Burning Tree Plaza.

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