Duluth School Board Approves Moving Forward With New Location for ALC, Academic Excellence Online Programs


DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth School District administration can now move forward with lease negotiations for the Radio Central building.

On Thursday, the Duluth School Board approved a resolution to allow the administration to carry out a lease agreement with Advance Acquisitions for the space located on Central Entrance.

The plan is for the building to be utilized by the Area Learning Center and the Academic Excellence Online programs.

Necessary renovations to the Radio Central building are estimated at $1.3 million and are projected to be completed by the spring of 2022.

Renovation costs would be covered by the district’s lease levy authority which would ultimately be passed along to taxpayers.

Depending on the lease length, monthly rent for the building ranges from an estimated $44,017 for a seven-year lease to $40,110 for a 10-year lease.

Earlier in the week, the Duluth School Board approved a lease agreement to temporarily move all other district staff currently in the Historical Old Central building into the United Healthcare building on Rice Lake Road.

The lease agreement will house district staff for two years at $703,000 a year with an option for a third year.

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