Local Emergency Responders on How to Keep People Safe During Grandma’s Marathon

DULUTH, Minn.- With Grandma’s Marathon approaching, authorities gave us the rundown on their safety protocols.

Event coordinators have been planning the race course map since February.  Local police officers are coordinating with them in preparation for the large traffic during the marathon.

They are blocking off streets for the race, which may cause a large flow of traffic for visitors. Similar to 2019, they will be using Michigan Street for the race due to construction on Superior Street.

“We’ll see traffic as the day moves along and then we still have to work you know, around the road construction because you get a very small window in the city of Duluth,” said Lieutenant Chad Nagorski.

Local fire department officials will have extra staff near the finish line in case of emergencies. They will also have trucks on standby at different fire stations along the race course.

“We do up staff a little bit,” said Captain Brian Black. “During the marathon you’ll see a lot of smaller vehicles roaming around as it gets so congested down at the finish line area and so you’ll see a bunch of people on bicycles, on foot, maybe in different types of ATVS and UTVS.”

The St. Paul police department will be coming up to Duluth to help with the marathon.
Most of the fire department officials will be down in Canal Park, the most congested area after the race.

With the busy weekend, emergency responders advise adding a little time to your commute.

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