Suspect in Lakeside Stabbing Formally Charged


DULUTH, Minn. – The 28-year-old Duluth man arrested for allegedly stabbing a 78-year-old man at his Lakeside home on Wednesday has been formally charged.

Authorities say Warren Holt Jr. is charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, and two counts of first-degree burglary.

According to the criminal complaint, officers responded to reports of a medical assault just before 2:00 p.m. Wednesday on the 6100 block of East Superior Street.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim, 78-year-old  Robert Carl Hansen, who said he was “hit in the head with a can of varnish and strangled by a man who later stole his keys and drove away in his pick-up truck.”

The victim told police that he noticed Holt looking at his truck which was parked in front of his house around 1:00 p.m.

According to the complaint, the victim told police that Holt told him he was “thinking about ordering the same truck” and the victim eventually “shooed” Holt away.

The victim told police that the stranger returned a short time later and “ambushed” him in his garage.

According to the complaint, the attack started in front of the victim’s garage where he was hit in the head with a can of varnish and strangled.

Holt then dragged the victim farther back into the garage to the victim’s workshop area “where the beating continued.”

The victim said at this time Holt used an awl, described in the complaint as “a common woodworking tool that looks similar to an ice pick” to repeatedly stab him.

According to the complaint, Holt then took the victim’s truck keys and left him in the garage “bloodied and broken.”

The victim suffered significant injuries from the attack including bruises and abrasions on the left side of his face; popped blood vessels in his left eye; a laceration and swelling on his left eyebrow; a puncture wound on the right side of his forehead; cuts and blood in the back of his head and hair; lacerations and puncture wounds on his hands, fingers, and elbows; swollen left side of his chest; and seven puncture wounds in the left-center of his chest, above his heart.

Authorities report he also suffered damage to his neck and throat as well as broken ribs on the left side of his body and a punctured left lung.

The victim remains at a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Carlton County Deputies located and arrested Holt near I-35 and the Scanlon exit on Wednesday at which time he told the deputies “he was looking to purchase the truck and was test driving it.”

At the time of the arrest, deputies noted a fresh cut on the suspect’s right wrist and a “red substance on his shoe that appeared to be blood.”

An Essentia spokesperson told Fox 21 the victim is currently listed in serious condition.

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