Bay View Elementary Offers Summer School Programs

DULUTH, Minn.– Today the students of Bay View Elementary School’s summer program learned about bike safety from the Duluth Police Department, and got to ride with Hank and Henry.

For the Duluth Police Department, it’s not only important to educate kids on how to ride their bikes safely but also to be more engaging with the public.

“It is so nice, especially our job, those of us who work in the community policing unit, this is the reason we come to work every day, to get out and build relationships whether it’s kids in the community or adults in other groups, this is a huge part of our job and we really enjoy it,” Mike Jambor, a Community Officer with the Duluth Police Department said.

Positive Energy Outdoors also came with their draft horses and a wagon to give rides and answer questions.

“We wanted to build it around experiential learning because we do a lot of school field trips throughout the year, but with the last year, we weren’t able to do a lot of them because of the pandemic, so we wanted to fill that gap a little bit and make sure kids have these types of experiences,” Diane Morin, the Principal of Bay View Elementary said.

The hope is to provide immersive educational experiences through the summer school program, but also hope to inspire kids too.

“We can only hope, there were a handful of kids today, one little girl who came up to me and said she wants to be a bike officer when she grows up,” Jambor said.

The current program will go on for a few more weeks in June, where the students will be able to engage and learn from different organizations from around the city like the Great Lakes Aquarium, and other programs offered through Positive Energy Outdoors as well.

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