Law Enforcement Reminds Public to Celebrate 4th of July Safely

DULUTH, Minn.– There are all kinds of precautions that should be taken into consideration as the public prepares to celebrate this Fourth of July, but today, law enforcement wanted to remind us that if you want to celebrate safely this year, leave the fireworks to the professionals.

From 2019 to 2020, calls due to firework disturbances and injuries have tripled, and the Duluth Police Department reminds the community of those it affects behind closed doors.

“The disturbance it causes inside homes of people that suffer from perhaps PTSD, or other things that would be impacted by those loud noises late at night sometimes. Pets, it really effects pets and small children and its very harmful to them, and we just want to ask people to be good neighbors,” Steve Stracek, the Duluth Deputy Police Chief, said.

But the Duluth Fire Department, who answer the medical calls, want to shed light on the fact that it’s often children who get injured from fireworks.

“One thing that I want people to remember is that fireworks burn at about 12oo degrees, and that can cause an instant 3rd degree burn if it is stepped on if it’s held too long or if somebody were to get a spark or something in their eye, that could be, like I said, a life changing emergency,” Jon Otis, the Deputy Chief of Life Safety for the Duluth Fire Department, said.

Aerial projecting and exploding fireworks are illegal in Minnesota, items like sparklers, pop-it’s and snakes are legal, but should be used with caution.

The City of Duluth also wants to remind the public that they can watch the cities fireworks display at fourth fest down at Bayfront Festival Park.

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