Airshow Preview B-25 Bomber Miss Mitchell

Members of the commemorative air force crew say, they can't wait to bring this plane back to the fans of the air show.

DULUTH, Minn. — One of the replica planes performing in the airshow is the B-25 Bomber Miss Mitchell.

“This is our first airshow this summer. We couldn’t be happier to be here. The return to normalcy I know everybody appreciates,” Miss Mitchell Pilot, Janaka Bolduc says.

It’s a plane that played a huge part in the allies victory during World War II

“The famous Doolittle Raid where they brought the war to the home islands of Japan. That particular mission galvanized the United States,” Commemorative Airforce Minnesota Wing Mission Commander, Mitch Bertrang says.

Members of the commemorative air force crew say, they can’t wait to bring this plane back to the fans of the air show.

“You’ll see our bomb bay doors operate. You’re going to see the top side of the aircraft. The bottom side of the aircraft. We really do show you a near maximum envelope performance of the aircraft to give you a sense of some of its capabilities during wartime,” Bolduc says.

When airshows across the country were shut down last year, the plan continued its restoration and is now about 90% complete.

“We want to bring it back to its original holley scoops which are the intakes for the carburetors. If everything goes right we can raise the funds for that. We wanna be able to get some of the feed shoots done. Armor plating and a few other thing,” Bertrang says.

Giving audiences a chance to hold a greater appreciation for the veterans who flew planes like Miss Mitchell.

“We do that by making the aircraft available to the public. We want them to see it, touch it, experience the airplanes,” Bertrang says.

“It’s very different to hear and see them fly then to see them in a museum or watch them in a documentary or read about them in a book,” Bolduc says.

And during the airshow spectators can actually get the chance to ride in the Miss Mitchell plane.

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