‘All in the name of Rhubarb’: CHUM’s Rhubarb Fest Returns to Duluth

500 pounds of Rhubarb Brats were grilling and the pies were sold out pretty early.

DULUTH, Minn.- Saturday was a great day for foodies in the Northland as CHUM’S Rhubarb Fest made a comeback after last year.

Organizers say thousands came through the parking lot of the Coppertop Church. 500 pounds of Rhubarb Brats were grilling and the pies were sold out pretty early we’re told.

“Rhubarbara” stopped by, and there were also activities for kids.

Organizers say after the pandemic it’s just nice to get the community together again.

“We had a terrible time during COVID,” said John Cole Incoming Executive Director taking over for Lee Stuart. “It’s so good to be able to come out on the other end and to be able to celebrate life and to celebrate community and to celebrate togetherness.”

“We have people travelling hundreds of miles to come to this festival,” he said, “all in the name of Rhubarb!”

And some people even took rhubarb into consideration with their clothes.

The group of friends say they fashioned themselves some hats out of rhubarb leaves, and they’re setting trends.

“They said no one else has done this ever,” said Rhiley Larson. “No one’s ever worn the Rhubarb leaf as a hat before.”

“You can’t grow Rhuarb through seeds you have to split it and then plant it elsewhere and give it to friends, you know? So we, as the community, are Rhubarb as a metaphor here. We are the Rhubarb at the Rhubarb fest!” he said.

Donations for CHUM were accepted at the event, which also had a livestream portion later in the afternoon.

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