Duluth Airshow Soars Back in 2021

DULUTH, Minn.– The success of Grandma’s Marathon and the nice weather brought out one of the biggest turnouts for the Duluth Air Show in its history.

“We had a great day for flying. Sometimes people think if it’s not blue skies it’s not going to be a good show. Honestly with the Blue Angels on a day like today they do their low show, which means they are always in your face with what they’re doing,” said Roger Reinert, Media Co-Chair for the air show.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. But not just any plane as a bunch of high powered aircrafts have taken to the skies for the return of the Duluth Air Show.

The booming of jets filled the air Saturday and thousands of people filled the hangar. Air show organizers say outdoor events like theirs are seeing unprecedented turnout this year.

“We just saw a record turnout so apologies to everyone who dealt with traffic that is just the nature of the beast,” said Reinert.

Displays all around the expo highlighted all areas of aviation, an important area of life in Duluth.

“Aviation is a huge part of our regional economy. So we don’t want to just show military aircraft flying. We want to highlight aviation generally because it’s a big part here in Duluth.”

And one of those aviation fans were the Phams and their children as they attended their first ever airshow.

“I only heard about it in stories and videos but never in real life. There’s really no substitute for the sound and the thunder of being here and seeing it live,” said Hong Pham.

But there was one group of pilots most of the crowd was excited to see take off.

“Blue Angels 100 percent. I like the B-25,” said the Pham kids.

“One of my favorite parts of the show itself is the blue angels part where they come just over the hill and they explode through the sky,” said Andrew Swazey of Virginia.

Mark and Teri Luecke came all the way from Indiana visiting family in Virginia. But when they heard the Blue Angels were in town. They weren’t missing a chance to catch the pilots they’ve followed across the country.

“Anytime they’re available and close by we see them,” said Mark. “We’ve seen them locally in Indiana, out in San Francisco and watched them practice in Pensacola. Never missed a chance to see the Blue Angels.”

After all of the uncertainty over the last year, organizers of the airshow are glad the event could come roaring back in 2021.

“As we say in the navy, ‘Sempra Gumby.’ we just stay flexible as things kept changing. And then to have today which may be a record turnout just feels amazing,” said Reinert.

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