City of Duluth Reveals COVID Relief Fund Recommendations

DULUTH, Minn.– Mayor Emily Larson and members of the City Administration announced their recommendations today on how the city should spend the $58 million dollars it received from the American Rescue Plan.

The City of Duluth has now received half of the $58 million dollars from the American Rescue Plan, and today Mayor Larson proposed a way to invest that money, in hopes of creating a solid foundation for a strong recovery.

The American Rescue Plan act allowed Duluth to receive these federal funds to help with losses caused by the pandemic providing some direction for the future as the city continues its recovery.

“I am deeply proud of the work that this community has done to take care of each other during COVID-19 from closing down our services quickly and safely, to keeping our staff and residents safe to re-opening and doing that safely too,” Mayor Larson said.

Among the seven categories being recommended to receive these funds, Affordable Housing would receive the largest amount at $20.6 million, $13.8 million would be used for Investments in Utility Infrastructure and Broadband, $12 million would help make ventilation and COVID mitigation improvements to City Hall, and $5 million would help offset the city’s lost revenue.

“I understand that COVID and our recovery is long, it is difficult, we don’t know all of it yet but the city is here to partner with you, we care deeply about your health, about your well being, about ensuring that this community is a place where you feel seen, heard and supported,” Mayor Larson said.

Other recommendations include providing $2.2 million to small businesses, tourism, and impacted industries, and $2 million to improving outdoor spaces in the community.

The plan will be brought to the City Council on Monday July 6th, for discussion.

The other half of the American Rescue Plan will come in May of 2022, and the funds must be spent by December of 2026.

To view a detailed list of the other recommendations, click here.

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