Minnesota Lawmakers Avoid Government Shutdown As Final Budget Passes

Minnesota lawmakers averted a partial government shutdown at midnight Wednesday by sending the final budget bill to Gov. Tim Walz’s desk.

The Senate unanimously approved the $21 billion K-12 education funding agreement, the last must-pass bill before the midnight deadline. Walz has now signed eight budget bills into law and has four others on his desk.

Lawmakers took the state to the brink of a shutdown over the past month by dragging their feet on the $52 billion budget. They paved the way to an on-time finish overnight with a deal to end Walz’s COVID-19 emergency powers and a compromise on police accountability measures.

The final bill scheduled for Wednesday night is a taxes bill that is not required to pass by midnight. It includes nearly $1 billion in tax breaks, including full forgiveness of business Paycheck Protection Program loans and the first $10,200 of 2020 unemployment benefits from state taxes.

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