REACH Program Gives Carlton County Youth Summer Activities

The program is geared towards helping youth who need mentors in their lives.

CLOQUET, Minn. — Reach Mentoring and AmeriCorps partnered together to help program participants and students get a little send-off after their summer classes.

The program is geared towards helping youth who need mentors in their lives.

“With our mission with of working with young people in our community. It ties well with them going into the schools. Working on tutoring, increasing their attendance at school and then their engagement with their peers teachers and community,” Reach Mentoring Program Executive Director, Dakota Koski says.

Anyone ten to twenty-one-years-old can participate in the program.

With the AmeriCorps members wrapping up their summer school tutoring sessions at Washington Elementary in Cloquet, Wednesday was a way to celebrate the students and everyone involved in the program.

“Just to see the growth that we have had over the last ten years is pretty great to be a part of and see how much it’s developed and done in our community,” Koski says.

The camp also just bought a new vehicle to help with transportation to help with their new summer activities including a credit recovery program.

“Those who need credit recovery we are having a lot of fun, hands-on classes that they will be able to get a quarter credit for,” Koski says.

Helping area youth get the skills they need for future success.

“It has helped me grow as a person and I have done a lot over the last four years that I never would have saw myself doing,” Reach Mentoring Program Participant, Leah Benjamin says.

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