Twin Ports Miracle League Returns for Summer Season

Twin Ports Miracle League will be hosting a home run derby fundraiser on July 10 to help bring more awareness and raise some money for the area's only adaptive baseball program.

DULUTH, Minn. – After having their season canceled last summer due to the pandemic, the Twin Ports Miracle League is back in action, allowing kids of all abilities to play the sport of baseball.

The league is for kids ages four to 19 with any physical and/or mental disabilities. It removes barriers that prevents children with disabilities from playing, and with the help of volunteers, makes it accessible for anyone and allows everyone to enjoy America’s pastime.

“To have them back involved, to have them come out on Saturdays and play games here, it’s just a huge thing for the community and for those players because they look forward to it all year long. You can just see the excitement with every player. Some of the greatest times are when a kid just gets to hit the bases or hits a home run and they run around the bases with a smile on their faces the entire time, it’s very uplifting,” Duluth 709 Baseball board member Corey Verhel said.

To help support the area’s only adaptive baseball program, Twin Ports Miracle League will be hosting their first ever home run derby fundraiser on July 10. There will be a high school division for current baseball or softball players invited to compete, as well as an open division.

“It’s going to be a fun event and just to give a little more exposure, raise a little money for a good cause. To get a bunch of high school kids that played against each other all spring and a little bit in the summer here, get them also out here competing trying to outdo one another, hitting as many home runs as they can, that’s just great, fun competition,” Verhel added.

To learn more about the Twin Ports Miracle League or to sign up for the home run derby, visit the YMCA website. 

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