DTA Looking for Feedback on New Transit Routes

DULUTH, Minn. — The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) is continuing the Better Bus Blueprint, which is a re-design of its transit route to be more accessible for new housing and employment areas around the city.

In the public outreach part of the process, the DTA is looking for feedback from the community about what they think of the recommended draft network.

They’re looking for suggestions regarding transportation hours and frequency to best accommodate what the community needs.

“Duluth is a challenge, not only geographically, but of course we’ve got some climate concerns here in the winter time, and it’s difficult for people to have access to transit so we want to make sure that if were overlooking something, or maybe there’s a way that we need to re-think a portion of it, and working with the community, I think one of the collaborative efforts we can to make the best system we can,” Rod Fournier, the Interim General Manager at the DTA, said.

Come August the DTA hopes to have a plan for approval so they can officially launch the new routes in June 2022.

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