Seafood Satisfaction with Italian Flare at Dolce Vita in Superior

Cooking Connection: Seafood Alfredo with Dolce Vita Restaurant

SUPERIOR, Wis. – A new restaurant has opened in Superior on the 5800 block of Tower Avenue.

Dolce Vita cooks up all different types of European cuisine.

“It’s a blessing,” said Zudi Maksutoski, owner of Dolce Vita. “You know, I kind of grew up in the kitchen from a little baby and then now to actually get to do this to open up my first place and then now I get to actually bring out my whole potential and try it out and everything will be made from scratch.”

The restaurant proudly serves items from local farmers, breweries, and wineries.

In this week’s Cooking Connection, Chef Zudi shares how to prepare a delicious, made-from-scratch seafood alfredo.

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