Northwood Children’s Services Steps in to Fill Gap Left After The Hills

Programs will resume through Northwood on July 12th. 

DULUTH, Minn. — The Hills Youth and Family Services in Duluth is officially closed.

The facility announced its closure in June because of an due to extraordinarily high fixed costs, the state’s inaction on rate adjustments and the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now stepping in, Northwood Children Services will be taking on 40 children ages 10-18 along with ten staff members.

With their expanded services and several campuses throughout Duluth, they are able to bring on new staff and provide a crucial need in serving youth in the northland.

“We’re able to really deliver the right service at the right time and really stay connected and engaged with the families and kids as they either move up or move back down through that continuum of programs,” Northwoods Children’s Services President, Richard Wolleat says.

Northwood currently provides day treatment services at six sites, including in four Duluth public schools.

It also serves about 125 children from 2-18 years of age.

The new staff members will be starting on July 6th.

Programs will resume through Northwood on July 12th.

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