Preparations Wrapping Up For Fireworks Show

DULUTH, Minn.– Finishing touches being put on the explosives being used for the Duluth fireworks show being called one of the largest shows in the Midwest.

“It’s be a good show. It’ll be exciting getting everyone back out and getting to see a show they haven’t seen in a couple years so it’ll be great to get that going again,” said pyro technician Josiah Poirier.

With the Fourth of July fireworks show expected to make its return Sunday night, crews here are gearing up to light up the sky.

The sound of fireworks will soon be glowing over Duluth again on Sunday night. To make that happen crews have spent the past two days loading up the $50,000 worth of fireworks on a pier off of Garfield Avenue.

“We start setting up the racks and getting everything all ready,” said Poirier.

Sunday’s show is expected to be 18 minutes long, with pyrotechnics wired to an electronically triggered match. So crews had to place specific explosives in specific spots Saturday on the launch site.

“We wire each individual firework into a panel and those all get run back to a control panel and that fires off all the shows via computer,” said Poirier. “So it’s actually all choreographed. Everything goes off in very specific timed order so that it looks exactly how the designer wanted it to look in the sky.”

No matter how hot Sunday gets, crews say the explosives will be fine outside of heavy rain. So they hope for clear skies for their firepower of four, six and even 10 inch shells of fireworks.

“They go up a lot higher and blow up a lot bigger and it adds to the effect for the whole show,” said Poirier.

One of the crew members setting up the big blasts has been involved with shows for the last few years.

“I was bummed out that we missed a year,” said Chris Plafcan of Superior.

Plafcan of Superior spent Saturday running through yellow and blue wires and cables. One of the biggest and brightest fireworks displays in the Twin Ports. Orchestrated by a small group of guys proud to put on a show.

“It’s just the rewarding factor of when someone does ask and you tell a friend and you’re like, ‘yeah. I shoot the Duluth fireworks show,’ and people are absolutely amazed that just an average guy like myself typically does something like this,” said Plafcan.

The fireworks show will take place at 10:00 p.m.

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