Duluth Art Institute at Lincoln Park Offering Summer Camps

DULUTH, Minn.– The Duluth Art Institute at Lincoln Park began their sculpture and plaster camp on Monday, July 5th, where the young artists were able to let their imaginations run wild.

This weeks art class teaches children about wildlife in North America, and hopes to inspire them to learn and appreciate different species through art and sculpting.

“They’re going to get the chance to create something to bring home first of all, and then just kind of all the process that goes in to that, and yeah hopefully make a few friends along the way here and just enjoy their time. It’s really nice to have them back in the building, obviously, after having all the virtual schooling this year, I think they’re just excited to be back moving around and using their hands,” Emma Spooner, the Education Program Coordinator, said.

On Monday, the kids chose their animal for the week, and were using masking tape to begin sculpting their animals.

One artist was happy to be back in class, and made a prairie dog to take home.

“Usually I take theater, but I wanted to do plaster and stuff like this because you can make really cool things like penguins, I’m going to give it to my mom,” Jayda, an 8 year old artist in the class, said.

The class ends on the 9th, but the Duluth Art Institute in Lincoln Park is offering different camps for the rest of the summer, like Fantastic Flora and Fauna, and Art History Camp.

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