Top Hat Carriage Rides Return to Canal Park

DULUTH, Minn.– Another group is thrilled to be back out in the community, Top Hat Carriage rides have returned to Canal Park with their three draft horses, Hope, Libby, and Benny and they are giving rides to the public all summer.

The carriage rides began in June when the Lakewalk re-opened, and the owner said how special the relationship is between the horses and the community, and how it serves as an opportunity not only to have fun, but to also teach people about the horses and why they are so special.

“I think one of the most important things that we can do is educate urban people about draft horses, and about them, and they’re designed for pulling, they love to pull, it’s kind of like having a Labrador and not letting them go in the water. I’ve found over 35 years working with them, that they just amaze me every day,” Tim Carroll, Owner of Top Hat Carriage Services said.

Top Hat Carriage rides are offered through the summer till November and participate in other different events like weddings, proposals, and receptions.

The horses and carriages are stationed at the end of the Lakewalk in Canal Park.

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