Expert Talks about Rip Current Implications

DULUTH, Minn.– Big waves are one of the first signs to look out for when determining dangerous swimming conditions because when there are bigger waves, rip currents are more likely to happen.

One local expert tells us what a rip current is, and reminds us of the dangers of them, especially here on Lake Superior.

“This is our ocean here, Lake Superior, it behaves a lot like it. A rip current simply, is a very narrow channel of water that’s blowing away from shore, and the water can move really fast. If you do happen to get caught in one, remember not to swim against it, you can swim sideways and get out of them, the one thing about rip currents is they’re fairly narrow. So, if you can swim sideways, you can get out of that current, it will stop pulling you out,” Jesse Schomberg, who is part of the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program, said.

The city suggests checking for more information on rip currents and daily warnings.

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