Financial Incentives to Bring TV and Film Productions into the Northland

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth city leaders are joining a big push to bring more TV and film productions to the Northland with financial incentives.

The City Council passed a plan this week to look into ways to attract more of these to town.

Duluth is joining both the state of Minnesota and St. Louis County to bring more projects here. The state legislature recently passed a bill to bring more TV and film productions into Minnesota.

The measure was signed by Governor Walz last week. It includes a yearly 5 million dollar tax credit through 2025.
This follows the St. Louis County approving a $1 million incentive program last December for 2021, which includes additional incentives to attract productions to the iron range.

“It’s beautiful, all different sorts of shots, industrial, waterfront, you name it,” said Councilor Arik Forsman. “I think we have a lot of variety. We have to be competitive in the marketplace and that’s what we are looking at as a city right now.”

Work continues at the city, county, and state levels, looking for ways to give more incentives film and TV production.
A few smaller productions have already taken advantage of the incentives.

“This is truly the highlight, having all the eyes of the world on our northern region right now is kind of fabulous and think about all the job creation that can happen,” said Riki McManus. “It’s all about the economic impact.”

It’s hoped by bringing more productions into the northland, it will not only provide jobs to local community members but also contribute to the area economy.

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