Blow-Up Movie Screen On Irvin, Projection Art Just A Few Ideas From New DECC Exec. Dir.

DULUTH,  Minn. – Duluth Entertainment Convention Center’s newly hired executive director, Dan Hartman, says he’s ready to rebrand the venue inside and out to become truly the central hub of Duluth.

Hartman say his leadership team at the DECC is mostly made up of 20-plus-year employees. They’ve been brainstorming on ways to bring new life to the DECC, like creating a community backyard plaza behind the venue for live music and other special events to make better use of the one-of-a-kind harbor side backdrop.

He’s also looking at the idea of a blow-up movie screen for movie nights on top of the William A. Irvin. And Hartman also wants all of the artistic visions happening inside to truly reflect Duluth on the shell of the venue.

“We want to do some projection art on the back side of the building. You know, how cool would that be coming here at night and you have that whole back crown that you see out that window here or the Symphony Hall lit up with projection art at night. This place is an open canvas in a whole variety of ways, and I’m excited to start painting,” Hartman said.

Meanwhile, there are challenges ahead for the 1966 DECC and Symphony Hall with millions of dollars in much-needed repairs and upgrades within the building, like the cooling system that can’t function properly to cool two events at once on both sides of the DECC, according to Hartman.

For more on Hartman’s plans behind the DECC, click here.

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