‘Raise Our Standards Tour’ Held on Park Point with Community Resistance

DULUTH, Minn.– Tuesday evening on Park Point, The Center of the American Experiment held an event at the Lafayette Park Community Center, after being denied at four Duluth locations in one month because of pressure from some in the community.

The is the 17th stop in Minnesota for the “Raise Our Standards Tour” focusing on the state’s draft social studies standards, and critical race theory, especially in school systems.

A former Minnesota Congressional Candidate, and founder of TakeCharge, supports the conservative group’s mission.

“Even if there were 105 no’s, we would be here, it’s important this idea that being able to communicate and share first amendment rights, it does not stop just because you have organizations that want to prevent the citizens from hearing a message that is basic to resolve as Americans,” Kendall A. Qualls, said.

While this was going on inside, more than 50 protesters gathered outside, to share their message as well.

“I don’t think it’s good to let white supremacists come to our community and try to poison peoples minds,” Allen Killian-Moore, a Protestor and Duluth Native said, “it’s not okay to stand in the way of progress and to stop our schools from teaching the true history, because we can’t grow and change unless we recognize where we have failed in the past so we have to talk about racism”.

But for everybody inside today, they believe there’s nothing at all racist about their views.

“Americans help each other. This idea of systemic racism is a false narrative at best, and a downright lie at worst, and I am fighting for the idea for all of those people that helped me, that had nothing to gain in return, because they were Americans that wanted to help someone else out,” Qualls said.

While both sides were passionate and emotions were high at times, Duluth police say nobody was arrested, and all ended peacefully.

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