Drought Conditions and Air Quality Worsens

DULUTH, Minn.- Wildfires and the lack of rain is causing drought and poor air quality here in the Northland.

Normally, June is when Duluth gets most of its rainfall but this June was the third driest on record.

“With the drought conditions that have happened, we’ve seen a rapid increase in our fire season,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Joe Moore. “In Minnesota we’ve seen more wildfires than we’ve ever seen in the month of June.”

The trend has continued in July. Drought conditions in the northland have worsened over the past six weeks, putting the area at risk for fires.

Meanwhile, smoke from Canadian wildfires is moving south into St. Louis County and surrounding areas.

“As we move through this summer, currently we’re expecting that this fire season is going to continue definitely through July and August, and quite possibly through September.”

With the poor air quality, it is advised to remain indoors if you have any respiratory conditions. Fire bans are also now in place for north and central parts of the state to prevent future fires, including a ban on campfires.

It is encouraged to take precautions as fire season will continue through fall.

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