Duluth Superintendent John Magas Speaks on Central High School Sale

DULUTH, Minn.– Duluth Superintendent John Magas speaks on the sale of Central High School as the purchase takes the next step.

The Duluth School Board approved the sale of central high school to saturday central heights LLC on Tuesday for $7.4 million.

The school district has been trying to sell the property for the past 11 years after the school closed. Magas, who’s been superintendent for the last year, says this sale and the sale of the old Central High School is great for students and the community while allowing the district to move forward.

“With the sale of the historic old central high school, with the sale of the property, with us being able to consolidate our resources and focus more on the kids. I also think there’s a lot of sentiment and feelings related to the property up there. There are a lot of people with strong emotions and I think it’s important that we allow for opportunity for conversation around that,” said Magas.

The school and developers will now spend the next two months working on a usage plan on how the land will be used.

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