Superior Fire Department’s Annual Drivers Training Course

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The Superior Fire Department is on their second day of their annual three day drivers training with rigs.

Three days of training are spread out to ensure every crew member participates in the emergency vehicle operation course.

The course is designed to simulate some of the many driving challenges they may face.

“So that’s the idea, we get to a certain place every year and we put everybody through this course,” said Fire Chief Scott Gordon. “And we want to have as many mistakes if they’re going to be made, be made out there. There is an instructor there that is off duty that is monitoring every route we do and then they critique it.”

Several of these fire fighters have been through this type of training before but it’s only David Rosa’s second time training in a vehicle.

“The cones are quite a bit more restrictive than we might find on the road,” said Fire Fighter David Rosa. “It’s actually quite a bit harder than anything we’ve driven.”

The course is especially important for crew members who are not designated drivers but may need to drive one of these big rigs in an emergency situation.

Their training will continue next week as they rotate different members of the department.

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