Duluth Firefighters Gives Tips on Beating the Heat

DULUTH, Minn.– As the Northland gears up for some more days of extreme heat, Duluth firefighters are giving some tips on how to stay safe while enjoying outdoor activities.

The DFD says to important stay hydrated and cut down on alcohol and caffeinated drinks while outside.

Firefighters saw an increase in heat calls during Bayfront Festivities during the 4th of July weekend so especially with Reggae Fest returning Saturday, they urge people to be smart in the heat to avoid serious health risks.

Crews say prolonged exposure to heat can quickly put a damper on any summer activities.

“If you’re experiencing some signs of dehydration you’re already behind the 8-ball,” said Duluth Fire Department Equipment Operator Ben Tessier. “You want to make sure that you’re well hydrated before then. If you’re stopping sweating, you’re going to definitely want to make sure that you’re gonna get looked at. That’s a sign of heat stroke and that’s something that is a very serious health condition.”

Firefighters also remind those who may be cooling off in Lake Superior to always check rip current conditions before heading into the water.

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