Biker Crashes on Trail in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn.– The Duluth Fire Department responded to a 54 year-old female that had fallen from her bike, on a steep trail in the 40th Avenue West and Skyline Parkway area.

The patient was brought to safety and was conscious upon transportation to a local hospital for examination.

Duluth firefighters add to always remain cautious on the trails and to know your skill level on Duluth’s many biking trails.

“If you’re biking, just be sure of where you’re going, what you’re trail looks like. Be aware of your abilities as a mountain biker or even a hiker up in here. Just know what you’re doing, because if you fall, a lot of times we can get to you, it’s getting you out,” Brent Consie, Assistant Chief for the Duluth Fire Department said.

Responders also remind bikers to try and go with a friend if you can or to let someone know where you’re at in case of an emergency.

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