Reggae Fest Returns to Bayfront Festival Park

DULUTH, Minn.– Thousands of people came from all over the country today to celebrate the 15th annual Reggae Fest here at Bayfront Festival Park

Reggae Fest is a celebration of world music that spreads positive messages and unifies people from all backgrounds.

For the performers, being able to join the community again, and share their passion for music and celebration means a lot more this year.

“Very excitng, I mean to get out after this whole year of the lock down and all of those things, and see people coming together and having fun is just amazing, it’s a beautiful feeling, it’s a breath of fresh air, you know, I mean it feels like freedom again,” Mr. Killa, one of the performers, said.

The Jamaican-inspired genre offers so much more than just music and lyrics, it’s the impact that it has on listeners, especially in a time like now, that unifies people in a different way.

“My mission is to have reggae artists spread the message of love, hope, and equality worldwide and so it’s a very positive and very important message right now for people to come together in harmony from all kinds of backgrounds,” Janna Dreher, Manager for Bayfront Reggae and World Music Festival, said.

The Reggae and World Music Festival features artists like Kranium, Third World, Anthony B, and many others, but the celebration seen in Bayfront Festival Park tonight shows the unity that this music brings.

“We are able to use a platform to share our talents and share the message of good will, love, harmony and just having fun while you live,” AJ Brown, Lead Singer for the band Third World, said.

This message extends to the thousands of people in attendance who find a way to come to Duluth to celebrate almost every year.

“I love reggae music, there’s something that just brings like everybody together you can see like it’s a big festival that brings African Americans, Jamaicans, white people like it doesn’t really matter where your from, as long as like you enjoy music, there’s a good reason for you to come out here every summer for sure,” Shadrick Kebaso, a fan from Minneapolis, said.

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