Annual Lake Superior Day Celebration Returns to Barkers Island

SUPERIOR, Wisc.– The Lake Superior Day celebration returns to Barkers Island today where live music, food and stand-up paddle boarding is bringing people of all ages together to enjoy this hot summer day, and learn a little more about our Great Lake.

Lake Superior Day is annually the third Sunday in July where numerous communities around Lake Superior get together and hold a celebration.

But on Barkers Island in Superior, having this celebration after a long year, was worth the wait.

“I’m thrilled, this event hosted by Lake Superior Reserve has a bunch of partners that help us put it on and donors for the raffle and it just feels good”,” Lucianna Ranelli, the Education Coordinator at Lake Superior Reserve, said.

“We just got here, but it’s just nice to be outdoors and get out and see people we haven’t seen in a while because we have all been isolated for the past several months,” Stephen Bockhold, a Resident of Duluth, and an attendee of the event said.

They had free paddle boarding sessions, and half priced tours on the S.S. Meteor Whaleback Ship.

A few organizations were also there to educate people more on just how valuable Lake Superior is.

“I mean fresh water is amazing, it’s part of our view here, it’s what we drink, there’s a lot of recreation and commerce that happens on the water and it’s important for all life here, and so it can be part of everyone’s everyday life, but to just realize that and talk about it and see it in a group, feels like its important to mark that,” Ranelli said.

The residents who live by the lake also say there is a connection to it which in some cases keeps people around.

“I love it, I don’t think I’m ever going to leave. We moved here 14, 15 years ago, it was just going to be a short stop but we’re still here, we just love it,” Bockhold.

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