Poor Air Quality May Cause Health Problems For Your Pets

DULUTH/SUPERIOR- Poor air quality has been an issue for a few weeks now in the Northland and smoke from fires doesn’t just present problems for people, but for your pets too.

Air quality in the Twin Ports is getting worse and can leave your pets at home overheating and becoming dehydrated.

Dogs who are overweight or have a hard time breathing are more at risk in these smoky conditions.

“Because they don’t have that great of a nasal passage and especially if we couple that with weight, and we say those dogs are overweight, that makes it a double whammy right there,” said Veterinarian Justin Dahl. “Makes that much harder to breathe and then when you tack on poor air quality, yes.”

Pets with heart disease or any respiratory issues are more likely to be affected by smoke from fires.
Veterinary experts suggest you try to keep your pets indoors and limit their physical exercise.

Keeping your pets in cool areas and making sure they are hydrated will help prevent them from getting sick.

“Dogs of course are usually going to be outside, so we do have some issues that way,” said Dahl. “But when you have heart disease or lung disease, and then you couple it with very dry humid weather, then yes. With lots of pollen or as we’re seeing with fires or things like that, that can really affect their ability to breathe.”

Dog owners should pay close attention to how much playtime their four-legged friends get as they may not know when to take a break.

If there is a poor air quality warning, make sure to be cautious when taking your pets outside.

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