Gardening Season Is Surviving the Drought

DULUTH, Minn.- Although the Northland is in a drought, local gardens and garden suppliers are doing well this growing season.

Business is picking up for Marshall Hardware in the garden supply department.

The current dry conditions are bringing crowds of people in for sprinkler systems and water tanks.

“A lot of people out and about doing outdoor projects right now,” said co-owner Aj Marshall. “With the drought a lot of hoses and sprinklers out. Knowing what types of plants you have and what type of water you need and what type of sun. Anything you can do to help them get water.”

Outdoor gardens and plants require a little more attention this year due to warmer temperatures and drought. Gardeners at Glensheen Mansion are maintaining their flowers, crops, and grass, by giving them more water than usual.

“We really are watering quite a lot more than we usually would, especially with the grass around here,” said student gardener Zechariah Santa Cruz. “We give that a good sprinkle pretty much every day and in terms of the crops and stuff, we like to get a head of the watering before we start to see the effects on the plants.”

Garden season in the northland typically runs from late May through September. The latest forecast shows dry conditions are expected to continue, at least for a while.

Since we are experiencing a lack of rain, you may have to water your lawn and plants more frequently.

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