Bowfest Makes an Impactful Return to Mont du Lac

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Record breaking attendances led to a successful weekend at Bowfest, which is billed as the worlds largest 3D archery and live music festival with both pro and amateur archers on site, and live music performances.

“It’s honestly a wonderful feeling to see all these people come together, they’re from all over, we have plenty of new guests come, but then people that come year after year and are watching us grow,” Bridgette Duffy, Sales and Marketing Director at Mont du Lac said.

This is the first Bowfest Catelin Peck, the Assistant Bolstering Manager at Vapor Trail Archery, is shooting at. She says she loves seeing all the different people the event brings together.

“There’s people from all over the country actually so it’s really cool to see all the different types of people, and all the different types of bows, and there’s plenty of different brands and stuff like that so it’s really cool to just see people come together,” Peck said.

This year, Mont du Lac extended the festival to a 10-day event, where tribute acts performed the weekend before and courses were open through the week for people to come early.

This adds to the many amenities Mont du Lac offers year round.

“But now we extend, were in the archery industry, we have people from all over knowing our location and being able to come to the North Land so all in all, its just fantastic, we love having it here,” Duffy said.

It’s not just the staff at Mont du Lac who think the event hits the mark.

“I love it because I love the rush of hunting, and the fun of just hanging out with people and shooting bows and hunting is one of my favorite things so its a good family sport for sure,” Peck said.

The last official day of Bowfest is Saturday, they have an abbreviated day on Sunday, but the staff and participants are already looking forward to next year.

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