High Turnout for 2021 Head of the Lakes Fair

SUPERIOR, Wis.– The Head of the Lakes Fair returned to the Superior Fairgrounds this week in full force. Continuing the tradition that’s lasted for nearly a century.

For the first time in two years, the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds came alive again as visitors packed the fair. Bringing in double the amount of people compared to last year, as well as a 10 percent increase from an average year.

“We’ve had large crowds every day and we were very happy with how it turned out. Everything has gone really smoothly,” said Fairgrounds Manager Daniel Litchke.

The sights and sounds of carnival games and rides filled the area, along with the smells of classic fair foods. Something that was missing from last year when the head of lakes fair went on but COVID-19 protocols prevented rides, games and vendors.

“We just tried to keep it smaller, just basically for the 4h and everything to get their projects done still but now this year we were able to go back to having a normal fair,” said Litchke.

The fair rides and games were a welcome sign for families in the Twin Ports who were making up for lost time.

“So far we got to go on the big slide and then we’re just getting ready to go on the boat right here,” said Joe Hochstetler.

Hochstetler and his family made their first ever trip to the fair in 2021. They say after a year of being at home during the pandemic, it’s great to get the full fair experience this weekend.

“It’s been really fun. We got to go to the petting zoo and the kids got to see the animals and feed them they had a great time with that. It’s been awesome to spend time out in the sun and go on rides,” said Hochstetler.

No matter what ride, game, or attraction brings people to the fairgrounds. Organizers say the head of lakes fair continues to be a one of a kind event for the Northland again.

“It’s just, you can only get that type of experience at the fair,” said “Finally seeing it all come together and seeing how the people enjoy it and that really makes me feel good and I know all of the staff members that helped put this on that that’s what it’s all about is the people and they have a good time.”

Those with the fair are hoping to build on this year’s success and see a bigger turnout in 2022.

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