Circus Model Builders National Exhibit at the Depot

DULUTH, Minn. — A national convention for miniature circus models is set up at the Duluth Depot this week.

Builders from 15 different states are coming together for this event and presenting their detailed creations to the public.

Tables full of wagons, trucks, and models made from scratch are on display, but the passion from these builders is what makes this event so distinctive.

“Whenever things are going wrong in my life or in my day, I’ll sit down and I’ll paint a wagon I built in o-scale, it kinda just relaxes me, I think that’s a lot of what everybody else feels and brings back their memories of childhood,” Joe Rauenbuehler, Event Coordinator and Circus Model Builder, said.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show featuring Annie Oakley will also be featured in the museum, and the whole exhibit will be set up till Friday, everyday from 10 to 6.

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