States Prepare for End of Renters Moratorium

TWIN PORTS–  With the rental moratorium slowly on its way out, Minnesota and Wisconsin are both taking extra steps to make sure renters are caught up, and not left in a tough spot.

In Duluth,  property managers and housing companies are not sure how this will impact the city just yet, but they want be ready to respond and help where they can.

“And so tomorrow I believe will be the first day that evictions are happening in the court systems, and so next week our staff will be present at the court house to do work with tenants and landlords as they walk through that,” Jeff Corey, Executive Director of OneRoof Community Housing, said.

The Superior Housing Authority in Wisconsin has prepared as well, working with community action who has administered emergency assistance during the pandemic.

By keeping in touch with their tenants and suggesting resources, they don’t anticipate any evictions in the next 30 days.

“We have reached out to our residents, we have tried to talk to them and working with them to make repayment agreements, and we feel that that’s been very successful,” Pam Benson, Executive Director for the Superior Housing Authority said.

For OneRoof Community Housing, they offer a variety of help options as well such as a tenant landlord connection which educates, mediates, and encourages good relationships between renters and collectors.

“The really important thing is to not make any assumptions about your situation if you’re a tenant or a landlord,  if the cursory check around you do for information doesn’t give you 100% confidence that you now what your rights are and responsibilities are during this kind of shifting sand time, call us,” Corey said.

Wisconsin plans for the federal moratorium expiration date which is July 31st while Minnesota is going through a more gradual process to allow those who were impacted by COVID a little more time.

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