Highs and Lows of Lincoln Park Businesses

DULUTH, Minn.- Different businesses in Lincoln Park are experiencing the highs and lows of business due to construction in the area.

Bike lane construction on West Superior Street impacted the up and coming area in several ways.
Less parking and street closures caused at least one business, Lee’s Pizza to temporarily close.

“We do a lot of delivery and pick up so with the pandemic hitting, we’re doing no contact delivery and pick up, so that really helped,” owner Terry Johnson. “But once the construction started, that really impacted us and we had to close down for a month.

On the better side of things business is picking up post pandemic, as more people are getting COVID vaccines.

“It’s been very steady which is great,” said shop assistant of Flora North Morgan Rohloff. “A lot of people coming in to buy plants mostly but we are also super busy every day with the deliveries.”

Businesses like Flora North are keeping busy with both locals and tourists visiting the area. The warmer temperatures also help keep people outside more.

“Even talking to local people that come in, they always say “oh my gosh, it’s so crazy to see this area grow and develop.” so yeah, it’s definitely picked up for the summer and the walking traffic,” said Rohloff.

Businesses are returning to normal post pandemic here in the Lincoln Park area.

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