Businesses Respond to Mask Recommendations

DULUTH, Minn.– County health officials are recommending masks to be worn inside, despite vaccination status, due to a spike in the number of cases throughout Saint Louis County.

“We’re just recommending, like the county is recommending, and my staff same thing, their choice at this point, and hopefully it wont get any worse than that, but you know its mainly to keep each other safe, it’s an easy thing,” Jane Jenkins, the Owner of Blue Heron Trading Company in the DeWitt Seitz Building said.

54 cases a week, per 100 thousand residents in the county is the statistic that leads to this decision.

Some business owners who are encouraging masks say its unfortunate it’s come to this.

“It is a little step backwards because not enough people have gotten vaccinated so as soon as that number hits the goal, and we have some kind of heard immunity, then I’ll be good with it,” Tina Anderson, the Owner of Hepziba’s Candy Shop in the DeWitt Seitz building said.

With the Delta variant posing new threats to people both vaccinated and unvaccinated, and now children too, the CDC recommends a country-wide recommendation for masks indoors, and one local hair stylist is in support of it.

“We have a lot of clients obviously from the hospital because of our proximity, and like, we hear a lot of stuff, it’s scary, so just get vaccinated so we can protect the people who can’t, our kids,” Danielle Richardson, a Stylist at 506 Salon, said.

67% of people who are 16 years and older are currently vaccinated in Saint Louis County and health officials hope this encourages more to follow.

“I hope that we’re all well enough where we don’t have to do this but if this will get us through it, it’s not a big deal, it’s a simple mask,” Jenkins said.

The state of Minnesota is incentivizing unvaccinated people to get their first dose and be able to receive a one hundred dollar visa gift card through august 15th.

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