Local Restaurants Encourage Mask Recommendations to Customers

DULUTH, Minn.– With the mask recommendation in effect, local restaurants also encourage face coverings when indoors.

This adds another challenge to the way businesses are operating this summer aside from staffing shortages and altered hours of operation due to the shortages.

But the President of the Duluth Local Restaurant Association feels like our restaurants are up to the challenge.

“People are still going to be able to walk in to a safe environment, they should still feel very good about coming into a healthy environment, and if they want to be wearing a mask then great, same for our staff, but at this point in time as a recommendation, we are not going to treat it as a mandate, but we’ll make people aware of the fact that there is this recommendation out there,” Tony Bronson said.

As of now, restaurants are not facing capacity limitations or mandates yet, but are encouraging the mask recommendation to their customers.

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