Mayor Jim Paine Talks New Federal Infrastructure Deal

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Mayor Jim Paine of superior discussed a new federal infrastructure deal that is in the works, hoping to create more union jobs, fix roads, and overall boost the economy.

It’s still being finalized in congress, but the infrastructure bill has the potential to make financial history for the state of Wisconsin.

Again, this bill is good for the entire country, particularly it’s the largest investment in public transportation in the country’s history,” said Mayor Paine. “It is the single largest expansion of Amtrak funding in the history of Amtrak as an organization.”

Superior City leaders are hoping the funding will help fix bridges, roads, highways and water lines, create more union work, invest in public transportation, and make internet more accessible.

“This is something we started on our own, we expected to build a major fiber optic network for the entire City of Superior,” said Mayor Paine. “Because the federal government has now stepped up twice because of the American Recovery Plan and now through this bipartisan infrastructure bill, we are going to be able to deliver it faster and cheaper than we ever planned before.”

Mayor Paine says he supports all aspects of the infrastructure bill and encourages Wisconsin political representatives to do the same.

The infrastructure bill is inching closer to being passed and superior may see its effects starting in 2022.

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