Mini Donut and Waffle Shop Brings New Treats to the Northland

DULUTH, Minn.- A new donut and waffle shop opened up in Miller Hill Mall on Monday.

Itty Bitty Donut Company is owned by a Superior couple, who came up with the idea of having mini donuts all year round after only finding them at fairs and other events.

The donut shop also has a topping bar so customers can customize their mini donuts or waffles.

“Initially, we weren’t going to go with any of this other than mini donuts but we thought there was no waffle places at the time that we had came up with the idea,” said owner Darian Fogelberg. “So I told him, what if we do mini donuts? And then we introduced waffles as well and both of them became super super popular ideas.”

The donut shop has already noticed their Redbull slushies being a big hit. Customers can pick from six different flavors for the frozen drink.

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