After Seven-Night Rendezvous, Michigan Trucker Reunites With Missing Four-Legged Friend

Booker Bolted From His Dad's Big Rig During a Stop for Work in Cloquet

CLOQUET, Minn. – In this week’s Animal Answers, we’re sharing a lost and found story that might just have you reaching for the tissue box.

It was nearly a week ago when Booker the one-and-a-half-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix bolted from his owner’s big rig during a stop in Cloquet.

“Ever since I started driving over the road he’s been with me,” said Andrew Storey, Booker’s dad.

It’s a story two months in the making.

“That’s the first time he’s ever jumped out of my truck without me,” said Storey.

For Storey of Spring Lake, Michigan, driving cross country for work recently began. Alongside him in the truck, his four-legged buddy, Booker.

“He pushed it open and jumped out after something. By the time I could get to him he was gone,” said Storey.

During a stop in Cloquet at USG Interiors, Booker lived up to his name, booking it into the abyss.

“I had about 35-45 minutes before I had to leave and I used every bit of that looking for him and calling for him,” said Storey.

With a time crunch on the clock, Andrew was forced to give up his short-lived search.

“When I finally had to leave I got back in the truck and I called my wife and I was in tears,” said Storey.

Through the power of social media, within hours the Storey’s made contact with Jodi Carlson, a page administrator for Missing Pets in the Northland.

“Andrew’s wife got on Google and searched for ‘Missing Pets in Minnesota,’ our Facebook page was the first one to come up,” said Jodi Carlson, a page administrator for Missing Pets in the Northland. “I hopped in my car and went down there right away, drove around a little bit. We had over 20 messages within like 20 minutes.”

Sightings of the sly pup were reported left and right, however, Booker wasn’t ready to come back just yet.

“I don’t honestly know what would have happened without them. I don’t think I would have ever seen my friend again,” said Storey.

After a seven-night rendezvous, Booker was lured into a home in Cloquet thanks in part to some irresistible food.

“A lady and her 16-year-old daughter were able to start feeding him tuna,” said Carlson.

With Andrew out of state, it took one day for him to drive back to a job site in White Bear Lake. This is where the story takes a tremendous turn. “I got to my stop two hours early because I wanted to make sure I could get him back.”

As for Missing Pets in the Northland, they say Booker’s story speaks volume to the work they do, and why they do it.

“It’s the reason why we keep doing what we do,” said Carlson.

“It blew me away, especially going that far above and beyond for somebody that wasn’t even from their own community,” said Storey.

Booker is now back on the road with his dad.

Missing Pets in the Northland would like to remind everyone to remain calm, not chase, call out, or whistle to a stray animal as this often scares them even more.

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