7th Annual Bike Fest Returns to Spirit Mountain

DULUTH, Minn.– Meanwhile, the 7th animal Kraus-Anderson Bike Duluth Festival is underway at Spirit Mountain after not bring able to race last year.

600-800 chain-rattling adrenaline junkies raced Friday on the downhill courses. In the past six years this event has raised around $240,000 for local charities and Duluth mountain biking trials. And volunteers and participants couldn’t be happier to see so many bikes back on the tracks again.

“Just people being outside you can see how excited people are to be able to get face-to-face again you forget how much time has gotten by since we were normal again so I think not only that but it’s the physical activity is outstanding I mean you look around on these people are excited to do it,” said Master of Ceremonies Scott Soderberg.

Live music and a silent auction will continue alongside the festival though the weekend with a pro circuit to happen on Sunday.

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