UMD Students Showcase Research Projects

DULUTH, Minn.– Up at UMD this afternoon, some science students got the chance to show off months of work.

Undergraduate Biology and Chemistry students showcased their summer research projects for their summer semester at the Swenson Science Building. Around 20 students took part in one of the two projects. And students there tell us it’s a rewarding feeling to put their findings on display for the public to see in some key scientific areas.

“It’s nice to show what I did all summer. And I can actually say, here’s what I did,” said Matt Wittmer, an undergraduate researcher. “We increased the solubility of intra, making it be able to be taken into the body. So that it can act as a drug.”

With the summer semester wrapping up for these students, the new UMD school year is set to start on August 30.

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