County Attorney Mark Rubin Announces Retirement

Mark Rubin

DULUTH, Minn.- St. Louis County Attorney Mark Rubin has announced he will retire at the end of September following more than 42 years of public service. Rubin first joined the County Attorney’s Office as an intern in 1975.

Rubin was elected County Attorney in 2010, and re-elected twice since. His current term runs through 2022. Because he is retiring prior to the end of his term, state statute calls for the County Board to appoint someone to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.

“Mark has been been such a trusted resource and public servant,” said County Administrator Kevin Gray. “I have always valued his perspectives because I know they are rooted in experience, as well as compassion and connectiveness to the community. Beyond his litigation skills and commitment to justice, which made him so effective in his role as County Attorney, he is a gifted writer, speaker and musician, and I will miss the depth of talent he brought to every discussion we had.”

“While much of his career focused on prosecuting offenders charged with felony-level crimes, Rubin brought a much larger focus to his work. He advocated for improved services for survivors of domestic abuse and sex trafficking. He helped form partnerships to address truancy and create diversion programs for lower-level offenders. Rubin also has taken an active role in restorative justice programs to help offenders take accountability for their actions and seek change. In 2019, Rubin was named to serve on the statewide Deadly Force Encounters/Officer Involved Shooting Working Group,” according to a release by the county.

In a letter to county commissioners, Rubin says he is looking forward to joining his wife, Nancy, in retirement while spending more time with family and his grandchildren. To read the full letter about his retirement, click here.


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