Mask Mandate for DECC Employees, Optional for Visitors

DULUTH, Minn.– With mask recommendations altering the way some entertainment venues are operating, the DECC is making some adjustments as well.

But luckily, many events this year are still expected to go off without a hitch including the Duluth Fall Wedding Show, and the start to the bulldog hockey season.

DECC employees are now required to wear masks at work but those attending events at the DECC are recommended, but not required to wear them.

Staff says this does not impact any events going on, and they can not wait to fill the Amsoil Arena again.

The DECC hosts a variety of events the whole city looks forward to and mask recommendations were causing a lot of questions to come up when figuring out how to attend them luckily leadership from the DECC doesn’t expect any future obstacles wanting to make it a safe and fun experience for all again.

“I think we can mask up, be safe, do the things that help make our neighbors and friends safer, but also be mindful that this will be a safe zone again and let’s look forward to those times which are not that far on the horizon,” Dan Hartman, Executive Director of the DECC, said.

One of the exciting events on the horizon is the return of fans to the Amsoil Arena for bulldogs games.
Hartman says there are no capacity limitations yet, and hopes the hockey season continues at full-strength with even a few job opportunities available.

“We’re hiring a lot of people, I will say if you know of anyone who wants to drive a Zamboni, we are especially looking for ice crew, and we are doing all the things to get bulldog hockey ready to roll,” Hartman said.

To find out how to apply for employment opportunities, you can head to the DECC’s website.

They still have a schedule full of upcoming events like Boats, Beverages and BBQ on Wednesdays, and the Duluth Community Blood Drive in late August.