Return of Blues Fest Something Special for Fans, Talent

DULUTH, Minn.– The 32nd Annual Blues Fest kicked off this weekend at Bayfront Festival Park and the crowd is full of energy and soul as they get to listen to some of the best blues music around.

With 21 bands scheduled over a 3-day music festival, Blues Fest is one of the biggest outdoor music fests in the upper Midwest, bringing in close to 20,000 people.

“The people are wonderful, the music is wonderful, this is my vacation everyone who knows me knows…blues,” Sandra Reinolt, a Duluth Native, said.

Many fans treat this festival as an annual tradition, but for the talent who embraces being back on stage after the pandemic year, this festival reminds them why they love what they do.

“It’s the best crowd you’ll ever sing to and they’re very enthusiastic and really get into it, but now there’s just this kind of like almost need for it, so the vibe is just so cool, feels really good,” Erin McCawley, Lead Singer for Harrison Street, said.

Blues music allows people to connect in a different way and the community that surrounds it feels a little more intimate.

“These people truly I see them week after week whether I’m out listening to music or seeing them at festivals but they become like family to us,” McCawley said.

“But it’s the people, I call it my blues family, its a family reunion for me, so I have to be here,” Reinolt said.

It is this blues family that has helped Harrison Street band member Erin McCawley through a very tough year.

“Well… Sorry… It means a lot… Because like I said family, I mean when you haven’t seen people inĀ  a long time, you have that need and for me personally, I’ve had some difficult things in my personal life this year, my partner has cancer and so to come out and to be w people who have shown so much love to us and to just feel that bond and to come out and do some art which is so just vital to my human soul… I cant tell you what it means.” McCawley said.

The festival continues through Sunday where tickets are available to purchase at the gate for $65.

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