Duluth Fire Responds To Overturned Sailboat off Park Point

The boat belonged to the Duluth Superior Sailing Association, and officials there said they train young sailors how to overturn a flipped boat.

DULUTH, Minn.- Wind gusts over 30 miles an hour Sunday made sailing a little difficult, resulting in a water emergency call on the bay-side of Park Point.

According to a spokesperson with the Duluth Fire Department Marine 1 and Marine 19 responded to a sailboat that flipped with the report of a person struggling in the water.

The boat belonged to the Duluth Superior Sailing Association. Officials there said it’s a boat that’s supposed to flip.

They use them to train young sailors so they can handle the craft in difficult conditions when they’re out on their own.

“They might see a boat that’s flipped over and are thinking ‘oh my gosh, a boat is not supposed to be flipped over’,” said Waterfront Director Zachary Lange. “But in a lot of cases it’s actually very natural and it’s a thing that we do down here, we teach the kids, how to do that in scenarios.”

Though Lange said it’s always good to know someone who thought it was an emergency called 911.

“If you see anything where someone is struggling on the water, definitely call it in,” he said. “Don’t double guess yourself if they’re ok or not, it’s always a good thing to call it in.”

Everyone on the sailboat made it to shore and no one was hurt.

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