Greenwood Fire Update

LAKE COUNTY- As of Thursday afternoon, the Greenwood fire has reached 4700 acres, causing nearby residents to pack their belongings and evacuate the area.

Residents in McDougal Lake, Sand Lake, the Highway 2 corridor, and the North of Highway 1 were ordered to get out.

For two Isabella residents, leaving their homes became very real as both were tagged with a pre-evacuation warning.

“To think that for how hard you worked to save for that money to do that for this home and to think that you are going to lose it is emotional,” said Isabella resident Tina Foster. “But in the same token, it’s more—you worry more for the lives than you do with the material things.”

About 20 people in the community came together to help the Fosters pack all their belongings during this difficult time.

“We are kind of altogether because we do so many things together as a whole, as a community,” said Foster. “The biggest thing is right now is just knowing that we got each other’s back. For the most part, we are just trying to get through this.”

As of Thursday night, around 90 homes and campsites have been evacuated, and 40 evacuation warnings have been given.

More updates are to come as the greenwood fire progresses.

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