Flock to the Rock Returns to Ely’s Peak

DULUTH, Minn.– The Duluth Climbers Coalition held their annual flock to the rock climbing event at Ely’s Peak today where close to 200 people of all ages came out to either climb again, or climb for their first time.

Members of the climbers coalition, a non-profit climbing group out of Duluth, were happy to get back out providing the gear and help people from all skill levels learn how to rock climb after the event was called off during the pandemic.

“Events like this just kind of allow people to come out and try things with out really having any kind of real commitment to it, they can just come out and see if they like it, and if they like it, they can get more involved later on,” Eldon Krosch Jr., the Vice President of the Duluth Climbers Coalition said.

For those who are a little more experienced, getting outdoors offers so much more than just climbing in a gym.

“It almost like takes away the whole point of chalk, because like the stuff on top of it, its just so much easier than climbing in a gym,” Knut Clarke-Sather, a Rock Climber said.

They say getting above the tree line gaining new perspective is what makes this outdoor sport unique.

“A lot of it is just being able to get out in nature and get to heights and areas that not a whole lot of people do,” Krosch Jr. said.

For young climber Knut the opportunity to climb real rock in nature, and not just a wall in a gym helps him reach even new heights.

“They’re like dialogue funny shapes, but here they are just shapes where you find new challenges that you’d never find in a gym,” Clarke-Sather said.

For him, todays experience was, “like super”.

The Duluth Climbers Coalition has 4 major events a year including Flock to the Rock, but the next major climbing event happens in February at Quarry Rock where experienced climbers from around the Midwest are invited to ice climb.

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